10 / Jun

Argyle White Diamond Collections

Australia’s Argyle diamond mine is world-renowned for its incredibly rare pink diamonds. As one of a select few Argyle Ateliers, J Farren-Price have combined these wonders of nature with stunning round brilliant cut white diamonds also sourced from the Argyle mine.

This collection of uniquely Australian rings features responsibly sourced diamonds from Western Australia, hand crafted locally to the highest standards, possessing an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

We have crafted two stunning platinum diamond engagement rings to begin this collection, one at 2.01cts and another at 1.64cts.

Both rings feature four delicate Argyle pink diamonds to hint at the main gem’s place of origin.

Both rings are available to view in the J Farren-Price Salon now.

For more information please call the Salon on 02) 9231 3299


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