Gellner Jewellery

Gellner Jewellery at J Farren-Price feature the finest of South Sea, Tahitian and Fijian black, grey and chocolate pearls that have inspired joy and wonder ever since they were first discovered. Gellner captures their beauty perfectly in a range of classic and contemporary jewellery that accentuates the natural beauty of those who wears it.


Gellner was founded by Heinz and Tove Gellner in 1967. Today their son Jorg Gellner is leading the team, running the business with the same devoted passion as his parents.

GELLNER stands for outstanding and extraordinary German made jewellery. This family owned brand masterfully highlights every pretty detail. Their designers skilfully make the jewellery in their own workshops in Germany. Carefully selected fine pearls, exude the emotions associated with natural beauty. Perfectly suited to the style of the women who wear GELLNER.