Jörg Heinz Jewellery

Jörg Heinz Jewellery at J Farren-Price features beautiful German made interchangeable jewellery designs.  We love Jorg Heinz for their modern pieces and 'magically' reversible gemstone pendants. Their designs capture the wearers' beauty perfectly in a range of classic and contemporary jewellery. With these clever designs, the wearer can adapt her personal style for any kind of fashion or any occasion.

In 1968 Jörg Heinz began his career in Germany as a driven young jewellery designer with a studio for pearl jewellery design. Today the brand has become one of the most modern and innovative jewellery manufacturers in Europe.


These beautiful pieces are produced to perfection and exclusively “made in Germany”. The variability of Jörg Heinz jewellery allows the wearer to live the motto: “always different, but always me”.

Feminine shapes and sizes, paired with contrasting highlights. Available in two different sizes, the precious and unique pendants, rings and interchangeable elements captivate with their fascinating changeability. By a finger prick over the center of the jewel, for example, followed by black brilliant pavé a bright white diamond solitaire. Playfully changeable thanks to the soft-touch magnet technology inside.