21 / Feb

Galileo, Florence and the first free escapement

The pendulum of Galileo Galilei, the “measurer of time” which marked a turning point in horology because it opened the doors of the modern era, now beats again thanks to Officine Panerai and its new Pendulum Clock.

This is a faithful reproduction of the instrument designed by Galileo to demonstrate that the law of isochronism of small oscillations of the pendulum – the period of oscillation of pendulums of equal length is constant regardless of the amplitude of oscillation – could be applied to the measurement of time.

Galileo’s discovery in the 17th century represented a real revolution, because it enabled clocks to progress from an error of several minutes per day to one of just a few seconds.

The escape wheel designed by the Tuscan scientist is recognised as the first free escapement in history and the Pendulum Clock therefore represents an operation of exceptional historic importance and technical mastery.

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