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J Farren-Price NEW Pink Diamond Jewellery – December News

Argyle Pink Diamond Rings – Now is the Time to Buy

This month we feature a number of new and rare Argyle Pink Diamond rings – we recommend early viewing for these sought after pieces.

Over 95% of the world’s annual natural pink diamond supply is mined from one single source: Rio Tinto’s Argyle Mine in Western Australia. The mine has been in operation since the early 1980’s, and is scheduled to completely cease all mining operations by 2021 due to exhausted supply.

Argyle Pink Diamonds-J Farren-Price Sydney header

Argyle Pink Diamond header

Learn more about these exquisite pieces by visiting us or calling our Sydney boutique on +61 (0) 2 9231 3299 or get in touch at www.jfarrenprice.com.au

PRECIOUS METAL: 18 carat white gold

GEMSTONE: 35 Argyle Pink Diamonds totalling 0.615 carats, Round brilliant cut white centre diamond totalling 1.01 carats, 21 round brilliant cut diamonds totalling 0.41 carats

REF: RDC3832 | RRP: $37,650

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GEMSTONE: Natural Fancy Intense Argyle Pink totalling 0.57 carats, pear cut and round brilliant cut white diamonds totalling 2.12 carats

REF: RDB3825 | RRP: $242,200

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PRECIOUS METAL: Platinum and Rose Gold

CENTRE GEMSTONE: 0.5 Carat Princess Cut Argyle Pink Diamond

ADDITIONAL GEMSTONES: A halo of Round Brilliant Cut Pink Diamonds surrounding centre diamond. With a combination of Heart Cut and Round Brilliant Cut White Diamonds forming the outer petals of the cluster ring.

REF: RDB3826 | RRP: $304,880

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PRECIOUS METAL: 18 carat white and rose gold

GEMSTONE: Cushion cut diamond totalling 0.51 carats, 96 round brilliant cut diamond totalling 0.702 carats, 44 Argyle Pink Diamonds totalling 0.07 carats

REF: RDB3831 | $8,900

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