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Leo Pizzo

J Farren-Price now have a stunning collection of jewellery from famous Italian manufacturer Leo Pizzo. Hand crafted and designed exclusively in Valenza by the Pizzo family. Appreciated internationally for beauty and quality Leo Pizzo only entrust their creations to the world’s most prestigious jewellers.

leopizzo-ring01For many years now, Leo Pizzo has been present at all the major jewellery shows around the world and is appreciated internationally for the beauty and quality of its jewellery. Leo Pizzo designs and handcrafts Italian jewellery exclusively in Valenza and is currently managed by the Pizzo family. Admired around the world for their exceptional attention to detail, they count themselves to be supporters of Italian creativity.

Flower shape diamond earrings in gold with .65ct diamonds

$2,850 AUD inc GST

Flower shape diamond pendant in white gold with 1.25ct diamonds

$5,450 AUD inc GST

Oval shape diamond dress ring with 2.14ct diamonds

$7,740 AUD inc GST

Oval shape earrings with 3.98ct diamonds

$12,900 AUD inc GST

Oval shape pendant with 2.05ct diamonds

$7,050 AUD inc GST

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