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Muzo Emeralds present the Green Jewel Collection

Muzo Emeralds present the Green Jewel Collection at J Farren-Price – Envision Pure Elegance…

Introducing the Green Jewel collection – a masterful combination of Muzo’s Colombian emeralds and Australian Argyle pink diamonds available at J Farren-Price.


For thousands of years, the elegance and beauty of emeralds have captivated civilizations. Emeralds were sold in the markets of Babylon, Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen famously wore emeralds, whilst the Moguls of India inscribed them with sacred texts. However the emeralds revered by the ancients are nowhere near as exquisite as those mined today.


From the deep, lush valleys of Colombia, the Muzo mine lies about 100 kilometres north of Bogota. Muzo emeralds are renowned for their breathtaking combination of intense colour and vibrant fire. Ethically sourced, Muzo emeralds enjoy a reputation of being the most desired and beautiful emeralds in the world.


Australian Argyle pink diamonds are one of the most coveted and rare diamonds in the world. J Farren-Price have proudly been an Argyle Pink Diamond official atelier for almost 20 years, selling an extremely rare 1.61ct Kimberley Red in 2011. These diamonds are renowned for their provenance, rare beauty and unique brilliance. Also ethically sourced and entrusted to only a small number of master craftsmen, the Argyle pink diamond is expertly cut and polished as a true and timeless work of art.

At the heart of Muzo’s Green Jewel collection is a ring featuring an exquisite, 13.20ct Muzo emerald surrounded by brilliant Argyle pink diamonds. This exclusive piece drew attention from the global elite before being sold by Christies for US$1.2m.


Muzo’s Green Jewel collection presents the spellbinding inner light of an emerald, surrounded by a halo of Argyle Pink Diamonds.

Featured here are two rings from the Green Jewel collection recently arrived to our Sydney boutique.

Platinum 8ct Muzo Emerald & Argyle Pink Diamond Ring 

This elegant ring is made from a combination of platinum and 18ct rose gold and features a 8.32 carat, pear shaped Colombian Emerald, 2 x Argyle Pink Diamonds and White Diamonds totalling 5.86cts



Platinum 15ct Muzo Emerald & Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

This sophisticated ring is made from a mix of platinum and 18ct rose gold and features an enormous 15.03ct Emerald Cut Muzo Colombian Emerald, Argyle Pink Diamonds totalling 0.29cts and Diamonds totalling 4.93cts.


Ethically sourced: Muzo is the only gem producer in the world equipped to issue the ISO 9000 certificate of origin and traceability in-house. The process of certification integrates with its systems in the mines, where the date, place and time of extraction is documented with cutting and polishing processes. The certificate also provides details of the rough and the final carved state of the emerald and indicates whether it has been treated with natural cedar oil.

Muzo’s Green Jewel collection offers the past and present, beautifully crafted together in this unique selection of future heirloom pieces.

View the Green Jewel collection in store at J Farren-Price.

Speak with one of our friendly jewellery experts to enquire about these beautiful emerald pieces and discover our broader emerald jewellery collection.

PRECIOUS METAL: Platinum and 18ct rose gold

GEMSTONE: 15.03ct Emerald Cut Muzo Colombian Emerald. Argyle Pink Diamonds totalling 0.29cts. Diamonds totalling 4.93cts.

REF: RDE3893 | $595,000.00

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PRECIOUS METALS: Platinum and 18ct Rose Gold

GEMSTONES: Featuring a 8.32 carat pear shaped Colombian Emerald, 2 x Argyle Pink Diamonds and White Diamonds totalling 5.86cts

REF: RDE3886 | $485,000.00

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