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Orbita Watch Winders – August News – A Perfect Gift for Fathers Day

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This Father’s Day, Sunday 3rd September – show him you care with an Orbita watch-winder

Orbita are the leaders in innovative and reliable watch winders.

It’s no secret that if you’re serious about keeping time, you should invest in a good watch winder. Orbita are leaders in their field when it comes to quality watch winders.

A good quality winder is a sure investment in maintaining your collection and keeping your watches in excellent condition over the long term. It’s not only a matter of convenience; it’s part of essential maintenance.

If you have picked up an old watch that has been sitting in a drawer for years and wound the movement, you’ll immediately feel the lack of lubrication through the crown (it feels and sounds like you are crushing sand inside the case).

Discover some of our Orbita Watch Winders and Watch Cases.


Call our Sydney store to enquire, open 7 days a week on + 61 (0) 2 9231 3299 to find out which model would suit you best.

Orbita Avanti 12 – W22031

MATERIALS: Fitted with 2 lockable, center-opening, safety glass doors. Hardware made from chrome and stainless steel. Finished Macassar/Carbon Fiber and outer lacquer

FUNCTIONS: Inside are twelve SELF PROGRAMMING winder modules powered by the supplied AC wall adapter. The patented ROTORWIND® system “rocks” the watch in an oscillating mode, once every ten minutes, 24/7. This gentle action replenishes the mainspring tension lost in the previous 10 minutes, assuring virtually constant mainspring torque. That is the optimum arrangement to insure the highest watch accuracy. Ball bearing construction throughout, coupled with the use of Swiss designed ironless core precision servomotors assures long life with no maintenance ever required.

DIMENSIONS: 20.0 x 23.0 x 9.1 inches

WEIGHT: 44 pounds
REF: W22031 | RRP: $16,865

Orbita Avanti 3 – W70000

MATERIALS: Combining exotic Macassar veneer and genuine carbon fiber trim

FUNCTIONS: Designed to wind three watches with three storage drawers.

POWER SOURCE: Lithium battery

DIMENSIONS: 13.5 inches tall, 15.25 inches wide, and 8.25 inches deep

WEIGHT: 22 pounds

REF: W700000 | RRP: $4,790

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Roma Five Saddle Leather Display Case Storage Box

MATERIALS: Genuine Saddle Leather outside with elegant cream suede inside

FUNCTIONS: Fits up to 5 Watches, box can be Locked

DIMENSIONS: H 3.5 inches x L 11 inches x D 5 inches

REF: W93013 | RRP: $280

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Orbita Lugano Triple Watch Travel Case in Aluminium

MATERIALS: Made of anodized aluminium that is dent and scratch resistant; and covered with soft black suede inside

FUNCTIONS: Each watch securely mounts on a padded pillow that accommodates any timepiece with diameter up to 45 mm. There is also a built-in elastic pouch inside the cover that can be used for watch documents

DIMENSIONS: 2.5 x 7.7 x 6.2 Inches

REF: W81000 | RRP: $195

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Orbita Sparta Open 1 Lithium Watch Winder

MATERIALS: Black powdered coated texture

FUNCTIONS: Equipped with high-quality motor that uses patented Rotorwind winding technology, compact and lightweight unit designed to successfully wind most automatic mechanical timepieces

POWER SOURCE: Lithium batteries
REF: W05521 | RRP: $425
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