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Time To Act: Polio Watch One

The Polio Watch One© is a watch making first designed by Marc Alfieri.

Its revolutionary technology will allow it to follow the progress of the funds collected for Polio eradication in real time.

As the donated funds grow, so the Polio virus, presently covering the globe, will gradually disappear and a virus-free globe progressively appears, rotating on its axis.

The revolutionary technology will also update the time displayed on the watch when travelling between international time zones.

This is the first of five watches to be released over five years:

5 CREATORS: 5 renowned personalities will follow one another designing watches with a unique mechanism specially developed in Switzerland.

5 YEARS: The Polio Watch One©, the first of the 5 collectible Polio Watches, will be delivered in a case with 5 compartments in which to house the full collection.

5 YEARS: Time to Act has a fundraising target of $500,000,000 over the next 5 years.

 10,000,000: Is the number of children who could be paralysed during the next 40 years if Polio is not totally eradicated.

This watch is just 480,00 € (approx AU$700) of which 110€  (approx AU$160) will be donated directly to the foundation.

Please note this watch cannot be purchased at J Farren-Price and we get no commercial advantage, just the satisfaction of helping a very worthwhile cause.

To order this watch or to find out more please visit: http://www.poliowatch.com/shop/en/




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